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Welcome to Sarasota County's Wiki 

This wiki gives you an easy and quick way to collaborate with others and share your ideas, comments and suggestions with the Sarasota County commissioners about policies and regulations they consider.  You can participate in the wiki several ways:

  • You can read what’s posted on the wiki, then edit it and save your changes.
  • You have an opportunity to comment on the policy or join the online discussion.
  • You can see your changes and the changes of others at any time, as well as the comments people have made.
Each policy or proposed ordinance will be “open” for editing and comments until a specified date. After the wiki closes, Sarasota County staff will review the results and prepare a summary for the commission to consider as part of its public input.
If you are new to this wiki, you must register to setup access:
  • Click here to register/Create New User Account 

    In the registration window:
    1. Read the wiki civility code/terms of use, click on the link in the "Terms of Use" statement 
    2. Click in the "Terms of Use" box
    3. Fill in a "User Name"
    4. Fill in your e-mail address (you must use a valid e-mail account)
      • Fill out the rest of the registration form.
    5. When finished, click on the "Create User" button.
    6. Click on the "Continue" button to change your password
      • NOTE: a temporary password will be e-mailed to you
    7. Copy and paste the temporary password in the "Old Password" field
    8. Enter a new password (must be at least 8 characters)
    9. Click the "Change Password" button
      • (You will then be redirected back to the wiki)

    If you are already registered:

    1. Click on the "Sign In" in the upper right corner and sign in with your registered account.
    2. In the "Sign In" window, fill in your "User Name" and "Password"
        • You may check the "Sign me in automatically" box
          (not recommended if using a public computer)
    1. To edit a page
      1. Select the ordinance from the left menu
      2. Click on the "Page" icon at the top of the page
      3. Click on the "Edit" button
      4. Make your edits
      5. When done making changes, click on the "Save & Close" button on the top of the page
    2. To view changes to the page
      1. From the CRR wiki page ...
      2. Click on the "Page" tab at the top of the page
      3. Select "Page History" from the menu at the top of the page
        • The most recent changes will be visible
          • Items deleted will be crossed out in red
          • Items added will be highlighted in green
        • You can review any version by selecting it from the left menu
        • You can also compare your edits to any version by selecting the version from the dropdown menu

    3. Discussions
      • To start or participate in a discussion, from the Ordinance page, click on "Discussions" from the left menu
      1. To start a new discussion subject
        1. Click on the "+Add new discussion" link on the page
        2. Enter the "Subject" of the discussion
        3. Enter your comments and/or add any attachments about the subject
        4. Click "Save"
      2. To leave a comment on a discussion subject
        1. Click on a "Subject"
        2. Click on the "Reply" icon on the blue bar on right side of the page
        3. Enter your comments and/or add any attachments
        4. Click "Save"


    You can "practice" contributing to the wiki by clicking on the practice wiki link in the right menu.

    . You’ll be asked to enter a username and an e-mail address. You’ll be asked to read and agree to the wiki Civility Code/Terms of Use. The code asks you to use appropriate language and avoid language or terms that would be offensive to other users.

    When you’re editing the wiki, look for ways to improve it by making it clearer, or by adding ideas and information. If you add facts, please provide references or suggest sources for verification in the discussion section.

    Join the wiki and give the Sarasota County Commission your input.

    Make it your wiki!